Bladder Stones - The Illegal Buildups

Bladder stones is a condition recognized by formation of heavy masses of minerals in a intestine. They develop when the bladder doesn't get emptied completely. Concentrated, stagnant urine gets crystallized and causes irritation of intestine wall. The affected individual may feel pain while urinating. In most of the cases, this disease is caused by some underlying conditions. If the stones are smaller in size, they usually pass on their own. However, surgery is needed if they are big in size to prevent further infections.

Symptoms: - Some individuals may experience no discomfort on account of bladder stones. However, if they block the urine flow or irritate the intestine wall, some signs and symptoms become apparent. They are as follows:-

Frequent urinationPainful urinationInterruption of urine flowDiscomfort or pain in penisPresence of blood in urineAbnormal color of urineAbdominal pain especially in lower part


Prostate gland enlargement:-It is one of the major causes of this disease in men. Prostate gland enlargement along or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)can cause compression of urethra which may interrupt urine flow and cause urine saturation in bladder.Damaged nerves (neurogenic bladder):-The relaxing or tightening of muscles is controlled by brain through the nerves. These nerves carry the messages from brain to bladder muscles. In case the nerves are damaged on account of stroke or spinal cord injury, emptying of intestine may be thwarted.

Other conditions:-

Inflammation: - Inflammation can be caused by urinary tract infection or exposure to radiation therapy especially in pelvic area. The inflamed bladder can accelerate the process of stone formation.Medical devices:-Medical devices like catheters or contraceptive devices accidently caught in urethra can lead to mineral crystal formation. These mineral crystals are formed around these devices and later develop into stones.Kidney stones: - Kidney stones and Bladder stones are different. Both are formed differently on account of different reasons. However, small kidney stones can travel to intestine and can grow into bladder stones if not removed.

This disease is common in children who stay in developing countries. Dehydration, low protein diet and infections are often the causal factors. In other parts of the world, this disease usually affects adults older than 30 years.

Risk factors:-

Bladder outlet obstruction: - It is caused by obstruction in urinary tract which leads to blockage of urine flow from the intestine to urethra. This condition is usually caused on account of enlarged prostate glands.Neurogenic bladder: - It is identified by damage caused to the nerve system. It may have multiple causes like stroke, Parkinson's disease, Spinal cord injury, diabetes or herniated disk.

If untreated, intestine stones can worsen into chronic blister dysfunction characterized by frequent and painful urination. The urine flow may be blocked if the stones are lodged near the opening of urethra. Urinary tract infections are also common.

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