Symptoms of Bladder Infection in Men

Although women are far more susceptible to bladder infection, men aren't totally immune to it. In fact, for men, a bladder infection is usually a form of urinary tract infection, where the bladder also gets infected with the same germs that caused the urinary tract infection. Bladder infection can cause several uncomfortable and painful symptoms, as given in this article.

Bladder infection in men is much rarer than in women. This is because the urethra in women is relatively smaller, which facilitates the transport of infection-causing bacteria up into the bladder. If not treated on time, bladder infection may give way to complicated kidney infection which can require special treatment. The most common risk factors for bladder infection in men can be kidney stones, enlarged prostate, and urethral stricture, which can be described as abnormal narrowing of the urethra. Sometimes, bladder infection can also be brought on because of catheter insertion, surgery, and other diseases. Other causes can be obstruction of the urethra, like a tumor.

Signs and symptoms of bladder infection in men

Frequent and constant urge to urinate, even at nightPain during urinationMurky urine with an unpleasant odorHematuria (blood in urine)Burning sensation while urinatingLeaking of urineLow grade feverPain in the lower abdomenPain during sexual intercourseLow grade backacheUncomfortable pressure in the pelvic area

Bladder infection, unfortunately, cannot be prevented. But you can do your best to prevent the likelihood of an infection by drinking plenty of liquids and not holding back if you feel the need to urinate. Observe good hygiene, and try to keep yourself physically active and consume a nutritious diet. Several men also resort to taking dietary supplements like Super Beta Prostate Supplement to maintain prostate and urinary health. This product contains Beta Sitosterol, which is a plant ester that's known to promote a healthy urinary function. It's also fortified with essential vitamins and minerals that are needed for the overall well-being of the body.

It's better to seek medical intervention if you feel you're experiencing any one of the above symptoms. Timely diagnosis of the condition will help you to recover faster and keep the condition from aggravating and causing further bodily damage. Pain felt during bladder infection can sometimes be severe, hence it's advisable to start treatment as soon as you experience any of the signs listed above. Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics to ward off the infection. Moreover, if you plan to take any dietary supplement, don't forget to gather all possible information about it and go through product reviews. Super Beta Prostate supplement review, for example, will indicate that the product has been successfully used by many men who have experienced better prostate health.

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